February 4, 2010

Exploring Countries and the World

Third graders have continued to explore the world using Google Earth for locating Journey North Mystery Classes, becoming Panwapa Kids and continuing to excitedly learn about continents, cultures and major geographic features.

In the lab the classes have toured the world using the Panwapa site to see country names, oceans, and the Information Booths that are in several countries. Once they have completed some time touring they join the site by becoming Panwapa Kid "USA 104,_ _ _". Creating this login and using a shared password so we can prompt them if they forget are part of Internet Safety conversations we have about creating an online identity. As part of creating a Panwapa Card students create a character and a home, then they select their favorite food, music, sport, activity, etc. We created a list of all the Panwapa IDs and sent each child home with her/his own. Students can go to any country, zoom in and see the cards created by students around the world.

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  1. Hey Cathy,

    My name is Brett Pierce and I live in Freeport, ME and I am the Executive Director of Panwapa for Sesame Workshop. I have the Panwapa Google Alert device on and just saw your posting. I have Panwapa kits with DVDs and posters here and if you would like, I would be happy to come in and we can do a Panwapa workshop together. I am thrilled that you are working with Panwapa and I would love to support you in any way I can. You can write me directly at: brett.pierce@sesameworkshop.org

    Thanks, Brett


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