May 20, 2010

Common Sense Student Surveys

I modified the Common Sense Media Survey for student to be more appropriate for 3rd and 4th graders and as part of a group of Internet Safety lessons all classes took the survey in May for a total of 205 responses.

The student reports of the hours they watch TV/movies on a school day were pretty similar to those of their parents. While we don't usually have homework assignments that require the use of the Internet, over 40% of students said that they spend an average of 1 hour or more using the Internet for homework. When asked if an adult knew when they were online, this was what they said:
Also, when asked a list of possible activities students indicated that they are fully participating in the commerce and social aspects of the Internet:

Fewer than half of the students said that they had had conversations with their parents in the last year about media usage. More than half indicated that they had had conversations with their parents about cyber bullying and being careful about other people when they are online.

The student responses to this survey indicate that students are accessing the Internet on their own and are engaging in many preteen activities that they are hearing about from media, friends, siblings and family members. I use the surveys as part of a conversation about Internet uses with students and I am working with the school counselors and other integrators to develop K12 materials and sessions for parents, teachers and students.

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