June 1, 2010

Supporting Administrator Uses of Technology

The goal I set in the fall for my focus this year was to provide support to the building principals at YES and Rowe School on the uses of technology, especially for communication and PowerSchool. We have spent time on backing up files to the server, accessing email and contacts on their iPhones and the various ways an administrator can access student data using the online testing sites maintained by NECAP and NWEA. Some of the time has been spent responding to questions they have that come up during their work. Now that we are making more use of the Yarmouth Google Domain all administrators are learning to access shared documents with teachers, teams and other administrators.

In the last year there has been a substantial increase in the information available in PowerSchool for viewing student and class data. As students take standardized tests and participate in common assessments we are now able to view those scores in PowerSchool in a short time frame so that they can be used to inform instruction. Teachers are beginning to enter test data on their own which decreases the time and errors made as sheets of data go from one person to another. Collaborating with administrators on their own knowledge, learning needs of teachers and changes we can make to PowerSchool as we support uses of data fits with the first of our current District Goals:
 Teacher teams will improve student achievement based on their analysis of student learning results, with a specific emphasis on improving achievement in mathematics and literacy.
The observations included in my professional portfolio for the 2009-2010 school year are based on this goal as they are written about the biweekly meetings and a full faculty meeting.

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