March 8, 2011

YES Student Surveys 2011

This year it happened that I had mostly 2nd and 4th grade classes fill out brief survey on using computers and the Computer Lab at YES.
 A considerable majority of students report that they like using computers at school:
I was pleased to see that most students think that I help them learn, at least some of the time:
When asked, "One thing I like to do on our computers is:" students had a varied list of items that they like to do on computers: draw, Clicker Paint, Games, math, Timez Attack, Keynote, Online books, Scratch, Google Accounts, and of course "free choice". The second graders had a strong voice for drawing programs and math games, while fourth graders were more specific about math games and creating projects.

In response to: "One thing I wish we did more of on our computers:" there fewer responses, but the answers were a broad range from more free time to GarageBand to videos. They would like to spend more time searching and exploring sites on the Internet, but we try to keep that inside the bounds of school research. Interest in learning to type is growing in younger grades and I may start offering it to 3rd graders next year.

I was curious to see what their responses would be to the question, "One thing I think I am really good at when we use our computers:". There weren't very many responses, but they are interesting:
  • math websites (3)
  • everything
  • clicker paint (5)
  • Photo Booth
  • acrostic poems (3)
  • typing (6)
  • finding what to do
  • learning
  • spelling
  • Edmodo
  • figuring out stuff
  • Scratch (3)
  • computer shortcuts and Scratch
  • lego digital designer
  • TimezAttack (3)
  • solving problems that I have by myself
  • garage band
We are fortunate to have the equipment and resources we do and I hope to keep encouraging our students to become confident, active learners with technology.

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