November 19, 2011

Leveraging Learning: the iPad in Primary Grades - Auburn - Nov 2011

This three day institute had four strands: Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment, Leadership & Professional Development,  Data/Research and Technical Project Management. It was hard to split myself between the three strands and I was envious of the school districts that had larger teams attending the Institute. I got an introduction to each of the strands and coordinated with the parent from the Yarmouth Elementary Foundation. I met people from other districts who were looking at iPad implementations in a variety of forms and I attended some sessions with colleagues who are first grade teachers in Cape Elizabeth. The most powerful piece of the three days was visiting a Kindergarten classroom and talking with students using the iPads. The apps they were using for Math and Literacy learning showed the unique opportunities that an iPad can offer for engagement, problem-solving and immediate feedback.

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