March 1, 2012

Creativity & Design with Technology Class

We are halfway through a Community Services Class title "Creativity & Design with Technology" for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. This is a class I have thought about offering for a long time as a way to explore creative options using technology in a more extended format than we have time for in the school day. There was a great deal of interest in the class and the original limit was extended from 12 to 15 to the current 17 participants (12 boys and 5 girls). I am maintaining a web page of the sessions that hopefully encourages students and families to continue to explore at home.The site link is:
and this is the content so far:
Session 1:
Download Lego Digital Designer - 

PBS Kids Lab - 
 Session 2:
Design a Comic Website - 
 Session 3: 
Download the Skitch program (mobile app too) - 
Drawing, snapshots and more.

PBS Kids Lab - 
 Sessions 4 & 5:
Download the Scratch program - 

To learn more about Scratch:

Cyberchase Inventor's Workshop -

I came across this site which has provided resources and inspiration for this course: It has been very helpful to have two YHS students 
help during each class session and a fourth grade student who attended Scratch camp at 
MIT last summer has been a guest teacher for the last two sessions. The experiences we
are having in this class will impact the "creativity & innovation" mini-units that I usually
teach in the spring to all grade levels.

Some other links that I hope to use for ideas to continue this into the future are:

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