June 18, 2013

EdCafe Take Away

This post was created during the Yarmouth Summer-Fall Technology course during our demonstration lesson of Katrina Kenney's EdCafe model. We introduced the EdCafe model and then presented the choices for three sessions of PBS TED Talks Education videos. My group chose to watch the segment by Geoffrey Canada, of Harlem Children's Zone.
We discussed the video for about a half an hour. One interesting component was that we had two high school students in our group and they added their perspective about their preferences for assignments and personalizing their learning.

The takeaway for our group is as follows:

How are we as teachers failing our students?
  • Not all students are engaged at all times
  • Compartmentalized learning by subject, not integrated
  • Kids fall through the cracks - how do we get students to access support? Keep on trying!!

How do we keep on innovating?
  • Students respond to choice in learning materials and project options
  • Keep talking about what "personalized learning" means
  • Pursue YEF grants for resources

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