January 13, 2012

iPads are Launched at Rowe & YES

Thanks to the generous support of the Yarmouth Education Foundation we now have 13 iPad in use in grades 1, 3 & 4.

The three teachers at YES are exploring using 1 iPad per classroom. Energy is percolating around using the Dragon app for more productivity by reluctant writers, ideas for sharing storybooks on the classroom projector, demonstrating math processes with the Show Me app and a Voicethread of a field trip to the State House all done on the iPad.

Today first grade teachers spent most of their prep period setting up a new cart with a projector and an Apple TV that can mirror the iPad screen through a wireless connection so that the teacher can be moving around the room and projecting the iPad to the whole class. We started by sharing some Tumblebooks from Portland Public Library that have been adapted to display on the iPad. Classroom excitement is high and we are all thrilled to have all this equipment up and running.

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