November 19, 2009

Exploring Google Earth & Google Maps

This week we started geography and world cultures awareness with 3rd graders by introducing Google Earth and Google Maps. Click to start the SchoolTube video as they share their excitement about these learning tools.

November 12, 2009

Writing and Blogging in Grade 3

For the past two years Richard Sellinger has incorporated working in a blog with his classroom writing program. This year his "Lobster Blogsters" have started off the year collaborating with classes in other parts of the country on an Observation Window project that ties in with themes that he and Nancy March have been doing to incorporate scientific observation into student writing. Their first observations are recorded in the Voicethread embedded below:

The third grade classes all hope to connect with students in other countries as part of their unit on countries of the world this year. To begin to practice that communication Richard's students are creating their first articles and Kim Spencer's students learned how to comment on them this week. There has been great enthusiasm by students in Richard's class to having comments from other students to their articles. We all look forward to building this communication tool with more blogs and more access.