October 16, 2010

MAINEducation (ACTEM) Conference Fall 2010

It's always a challenge to go from the rush of the start of the year to the days away from school at the Fall Maine Education Technology Conference. That said, it is always an energizer as well. I had another opportunity to collaborate with Bob Sprankle from Wells Elementary School on a Thursday afternoon session with 26 educators learning to use Flip cameras to present student work, manage student portfolios and a multitude of other possible uses. I took away many ideas from Bob and the participants. Our presentation is available online:
Flip video in the classroom

On Friday I was inspired by the collaborative keynote by Vicki Davis and Angela Maiers. Not only was it revolutionary that they were willing to co-keynote, their combined energies of reminding us of what we "can" do (as opposed to all the "can'ts") were invigorating. I hope to go back to school and think about every child as a genius who has a unique contribution to make in the world. I know, it sounds hokey, but it is one of many little things I can do to change the conversation.